RM1 Distributers

Shipping & Returned Merchandise Authorization Policy

  • Customer purchases are shipped F.O.B. Countpills.
  • Shipping charges are normally included on the invoice for the product being shipped. In some situations it may be necessary to send a separate invoice for the shipping charges.
  • Countpills works on a two day shipping schedule for most products, excluding custom product, imprinted labels, medication carts and pharmacy fixtures. Should it be necessary to extend the shipping schedule by more than one or two days, on any product you will be advised of the revised shipping date. Please note the shipping date is the day it leaves the Countpills warehouse, not the day it arrives. Countpills reserves the right to withhold shipping of product for overdue accounts.
  • If you urgently need product please advise the Countpills Order Department that your order is “URGENT.” Countpills will do its best to get the product to you as quickly as possible. We do remind you that customers are responsible for shipping costs.
  • If you have any special shipping requirements please advise the Order Department of those requirements. We welcome your orders and we will do our best to meet your special needs.
  • Please note that most freight carriers have the following claims procedures, and any concealed damage freight claims must be made within 48 hours of delivery. Please ensure that all of your parcels and their contents have arrived in good order. If any boxes appear damaged, a notation should be made on the waybill or inspected before the goods are signed for. Failure to note any damage could result in a claim being denied.
  • Contact details for the Countpills Order Department are:
  • Email – orders@manrex.com
  • Phone – 1.800.665.7652
  • Toll Free Fax 1.855.665.7652

The following instructions must be followed to ensure applicable credit will be issued for the product you are returning.

Product will not be accepted for return to Countpills without an accompanying, return specific, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. To get your valid RMA number please contact Countpills on our toll free line at 1.800.665.7652 or email us at orders@manrex.com.

Your RMA number will be faxed or e-mailed to you with your return shipping instructions. Please affix a copy of it to the outside of the box containing the product to be returned. Should you be returning more than one box please ensure that the RMA number you were given for this return is written on all boxes. Countpills will not accept packages for return that do not have the specified RMA number on them, that are not listed on the RMA form or that have not been returned as per the faxed or emailed return shipping instructions.

When returning product due to an error on the part of Countpills, we will accept the product back at full credit to the customer, within a 90-day period from the original invoice date. The credit will include any shipping charges incurred, provided they were shipped according to the RMA instructions. Credit will be issued after the product is received back at Countpills and has been inspected for credit approval and checked against the RMA issued.

Countpills will also accept product returned due to an oversight on the customer’s part within 30-days of this invoice date. The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges related to this return. Once the product is received back at Countpills , inspected for credit approval and checked against the RMA issued, a voucher in the amount of the product original purchase price, less a 20% restocking charge, will be sent to you. This voucher can be used toward future purchases from Countpills prior to the expiry dated noted on the voucher.

Please note:

  • Please repackage all returns in the original package
  • Please ensure that all packages are securely wrapped and bound
  • Only items listed on the RMA packing slip will be accepted by Countpills.
  • The RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date of issue
  • Countpills reserves the right to refuse credit if any product is returned in unusable condition.
  • Countpills will not accept the return of any custom product. Examples of custom product would be customized carts, cards, labels imprinted with your address or any other items specifically designed for you facility or business.